Quantification of habitat heterogeneity

A few species from Nazaré Canyon, offshore Portugal: A) actinarian anemone, B) brisingid sea star, C) echinoid Calveriosoma hystrix, F) stalked crinoid Anachalypsocrinus nefertiti. Scale: 10cm. Inset: estimating biodiversity with sample-based rarefaction curves, illustrating the species density at the upper (Sites B, C, E), middle (Site F) and lower canyon (Site H). Data from Pattenden A. in Huvenne et al. (in press).

Evaluation of its potential as a proxy for biodiversity

Work package WP2 quantifies habitat heterogeneity:

  • Adapting terrestrial landscape ecology metrics based on categorical maps
  • Using geostatistical descriptions based on spatially continuous variables
  • Combining both techniques through the use of fuzzy classification schemes
  • Testing the correlation of these parameters with traditional biodiversity indices.



  • Using landscape ecology indices to improve predictions on megafauna distribution and diversity