Second CODEMAP Cruise: JC125

On 9 August 2015, the CODEMAP team, together with a group of 30 scientists and engineers, will finally set sail from Southampton for their long-awaited expedition back to Whittard Canyon!

The aims of the cruise are:

  • To carry out further habitat mapping at different resolutions in Whittard Canyon, to increase our understanding of the system and to test and improve the predictive habitat models built within CODEMAP using the 2009 data
  • To test and apply further sideways multibeam mapping, in order to develop a true 3D habitat model of the canyon
  • To revisit key habitats in the canyon in order to establish potential changes over the last 6 years
  • To measure the water column structure in the Eastern Branch of Whittard Canyon, to allow the inclusion of oceanographic parameters in the predictive habitat models.


More information about the cruise, the team, and what we'll discover can be found on the cruise website!

First CODEMAP Cruise: JC060

On 9 May 2011, the RRS James Cook sets sail from Glasgow for a 34-day expedition to the Rockall Trough, Rockall Bank and Hatton Basin. The aim of the cruise is to carry out habitat mapping, in order to investigate:

  • The different benthic biotopes that occur in those study areas, including their physical environment and faunal communities
  • Human impacts on those habitats, especially from deep-sea trawling activities
  • The effect of conservation measures.

We visit four study areas, each with its own story (see map):

  1. The Darwin cold-water coral mounds
  2. The steep flanks of Rockall Bank with their potential ‘hanging gardens’
  3. Enigmatic polygonal faults in Hatton Basin
  4. Upper Rockall Bank, where areas of intense trawling and seabed protection occur right beside each other.

Read the blog for this cruise.

There have also been a few other CODEMAP related cruises.